This is my GitHub projects. Small tools and projects.


This is my LinkedIn profile. I am open to new opportunities.


This is my Youtube channel. I am going to post some videos about my life.

About me
Hi, my name is Dmytro Yahupov.
I am a software developer with 30+ years of experience in the IT industry. I have a strong background in web development and I am passionate about coding and learning new technologies.
I am a team player. I am a fast learner and I am not afraid of challenges.
I am a good communicator and I am able to work with people from different backgrounds. I am a good problem solver.
About this site
You can find my biography in the Biography section.
In the Projects section, you will find my open projects and design work.
If you want to get in touch with me,
you will find my contact information in the Contacts section.
My skills
I have a strong command of HTML5, the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language. I am proficient in using semantic tags to structure web content, creating forms with validation, embedding audio and video elements, and implementing responsive design techniques. I stay updated with new features and best practices in HTML5 to ensure modern and accessible web development.
I possess in-depth knowledge of CSS3, the latest version of Cascading Style Sheets. I am skilled in using CSS3 features such as flexbox and grid layout for creating responsive and flexible page layouts. I am experienced in applying CSS transitions, animations, and transformations to enhance the user experience.
I have experience working with CSS frameworks such as TAILWIND CSS, Bootstrap, and Materialize.
I have a strong foundation in JavaScript and am adept at writing clean, modular, and efficient code. I am well-versed in modern ES6+ syntax and utilize features like arrow functions, template literals, and destructuring. I have experience working with JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as Vue.js , and I am capable of implementing complex front-end logic, handling asynchronous operations, and utilizing APIs to create dynamic and interactive web applications.
I'm fine known both version. Vue 2 and Vue 3. I have experience with Nuxt.js 2 and Nuxt.js 3.
I have advanced proficiency in Vue.js, a popular JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. I am experienced in creating complex single-page applications (SPAs) and have a solid understanding of Vue's component-based architecture, reactivity system, and state management.
I possess intermediate-level skills in Nuxt.js, a powerful framework based on Vue.js. I have utilized Nuxt.js to build server-side rendered (SSR) and static websites, enabling enhanced performance, SEO optimization, and improved user experience.
Proficient in developing mobile applications using Flutter framework and Dart programming language.
Experience in building user interfaces and implementing app functionality using Flutter widgets.
Skilled in managing state using Flutter's state management solutions like Provider, Riverpod pattern.
I'm fine known more product Adobe. Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, Audtion, After Effects, InDesign, Animate, Acrobat, Lightroom, XD
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