My WEB and Mobile projects

Mobile projects

Mobile app for Mall Center "EVROPEYSKIY"

This is my first mobile application development. Since it was necessary to create a cross-platform application, the choice was made in favor of Cordova. I already had a good experience in creating web applications, and this tool seemed suitable at the time.
The project duplicated the functionality of an existing website. The task was to create a separate mobile application for two platforms, Android and iOS. The most challenging part was creating a module for the floor plan of the Shopping Center and routing to the user's selected store. The module utilized pre-existing schemes based on SVG and JavaScript for the programming logic.

Mobile app for travelers in city Ryazan "Ryazan on hand"

Another mobile application was supposed to help tourists or simply city guests of Ryazan (in Russia) see more sights and historical objects. It also aimed to provide a wealth of historical information about the city itself. To implement this application, the Flutter framework was already chosen for creating cross-platform applications.
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